Green Machine and the Mototaxi Junket


What is the Mototaxi Junket? A race across Peru on what might be the world’s most unpredictable piece of machinery…all for the sake of charity.

Join Nathan and his friends as they attempt to cross deserts, climb mountains, and navigate jungles, all while contending with the unreliable transportation that is the mototaxi. Guided by a big map, a few rumors, and a lot of luck, team Three Tired Travelers visits the lesser-seen parts of Peru, all while struggling toward the finish line in Urubamba.

The Divide: A 2700 Mile Search For Answers

Cycling the Great Divide…alone? The first thing you’ve got to ask yourself is: “What the hell am I doing?”

At least, that’s what Nathan was saying less than two miles into a 2700 mile route, when he encountered his first major problem and his first major decision: turn back, or press on? It was all uphill from there.

As an amateur cyclist with no touring experience, Doneen pulls you into a world of erratic weather, cramped bivy sacks, and overwhelming solitude as he crisscrosses the Continental Divide on his way from Banff, Alberta to the U.S.-Mexico border, bumping into Tour Divide racers, stumbling upon CDT hikers, and surprising all sorts of Rocky Mountain wildlife.

With the help of some trail angels, kind strangers, and other adventurous spirits, Doneen teases apart his past while battling the personal assumptions and cultural expectations that have been steering his life…all while trudging through mud, swatting at insects, and slathering chamois crème on saddle sores.

So are you ready for an adventure? Ready to get off the beaten path… The plotted course… That red line? Then join Nathan on The Divide.

Nathan Doneen was raised on a wheat farm in the Palouse region of Washington state. As a high schooler traveling in Europe, he discovered the power of journaling, personal narrative, and writing in a broader sense. After earning degrees in Biology and Environmental Science, he began to learn more about writing and decided he would practice by documenting his travel adventures. Read on to learn more about those…