Aspiring author here, trying to figure out this whole narrative thing. For now, I’m working on what I’ve come to consider my travel trilogy. Take a look!


Nathan was raised on a wheat farm in the Palouse region of Washington state. While traveling in Europe with a delegation of high school students, he discovered the power of journaling and personal narrative. After high school, Nathan attended Eastern Washington University and acquired degrees in Biology and Environmental Science.  He is now a certified clinical chemist living and working in Salt Lake City.

About the Writing

During my trip to Europe as a high schooler, I was required to journal. Not being much of a writer prior to the trip, the experience was invaluable for that reason alone. Since, I’ve been studying narrative structure and trying to figure out how to tell a good story. My ultimate goal is to write fiction, but wanted to document some of my traveling while simultaneously honing my writing skills. Enjoy.