Nathan Doneen

The Mototaxi Junket

A few buddies and I were participants in Peru's Mototaxi Junket,  one of several events concocted and hosted by The Adventurists. Their aim:  introduce a little chaos into our lives and tempt fate, all while contributing to charity.

Never before have I been included in a group of people so … crazy? I'm not sure of the correct adjective; it takes a special kind of person to say, "Yes, I'll attempt to drive through the desert, rainforest, and over the Andes on one of the worst forms of motorized transportation ever conceived…on some of the worst known roads…for fun."

It was an intense experience. It was also enlightening though. You can get a sample of the book or buy it here. Also, check out some of the pictures from the trip below. Enjoy!

See all of the pictures here.
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