The Mototaxi Junket

“Living life as an intentional adventure” … yeah, this was an adventure.

In early spring of 2014, a friend from college contacted me via email. It was short and to the point. He and a friend were doing a charity rally in Peru and were looking for a third teammate. His reasoning was because I rode a bike from Canada to Mexico, I might be interested … so he sent a link and asked me to take a look.

Take a look I did. This is what I found:

I immediately emailed him back and said, “Count me in!”

So, the Mototaxi Junket is one of several events concocted and hosted by The Adventurists, an organization that despises the complacency of our current lives. They aim to introduce a little chaos and tempt fate, all while raising money for charity.

This all seems good-natured, but the seriousness of these events is not lost from The Adventurists organization.

footer disclaimer

The disclaimer on the website’s footer … visible on every page.

app form

One of the several check-boxed acknowledgments during the registration process.

Anything worth doing is going to involve some risk. So why not? Needless to say, we booked three plane tickets to Peru, and spent the majority of October 2014 exploring the country.

This was quite the tour across Peru — completely unique. Before setting out, I imagined this tour would be similar to my mountain bike tour, just with a motorized vehicle … I was wrong. After spending a few days at the starting line with all the teams, it was apparent this was a much more communal adventure. Yes, teams all went their own way and had unique experiences, but it was all one big adventure steeped in camaraderie.


Our mototaxis lined up at the starting line.

Never before have I been included in a group of people so … crazy? I’m not sure of the correct adjective — it takes a special kind of person to say, “Yes, I’ll attempt to drive through the desert, rainforest, and over the Andes on one of the worst forms of motorized transportation ever conceived … on some of the worst known roads … for fun.” The night before the start, I looked around and realized I was in a room full of people with that exact caliber.

With participating teams from the US, UK, Scotland, South Africa, Romania, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand, it was truly a global event — and I was both honored and humbled to be in that room, with those crazy SOBs.


All the racers gathered beneath the starting line banner moments before the start.

After we all made the finish though and celebrated in high fashion, we learned The Adventurists were discontinuing the Mototaxi Junket. I didn’t find out myself until I was stateside again … and it came as a bit of a shock. The Junket was considered one of the more adventurous events … why cancel it?

Though my question goes unanswered, I do consider myself to be lucky to have participated in the event and to have met such great people.

My teammates Andrew (left) and Scott (middle) somewhere in the Andes.

Me with my teammates Andrew (left) and Scott (middle) somewhere in the Andes.

It is my intention to write a book about the experience, so stay tuned for updates!

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