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The Divide. I chose that title for a reason. Yeah, it's a happy coincidence that the bike route is known as the Great Divide… But this book isn't just about riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route.

Yes, there is a lot of daily life on the bike route in this book. You will be taken along for the ride, for the climbs and the descent, for the high moments and low, for the dry weather and soaking wet. You're going to learn which stretches are steep, which are muddy, and which you can look forward to.

Me on my bike.

There is a second story in this book, though. At the beginning of this mountain bike tour, my life was at a strange juncture. On one hand, I had the direction I had been headed for several years. I had seen myself going to graduate school; publsihing a few papers; maybe even getting a doctorate. That had seemed pretty good, until something happened that made me question those goals. It was this same event that made me realize there was a different way, that my other hand held a different option.

Let me ask you…have you ever felt you weren't living your own life? That was my situation when I finished school. I had a great life, but for some reason it just didn't feel like my own. I was stuck staring at the two options in my hands, and I felt like it was this decision dividing me from the rest of my life.

This bike trip was immensely helpful when it came to deciding which of those option was right for me. So if you've ever wondered if you were on the right path, or if you've ever felt stuck, maybe you'll find some benefit from this story.


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Don't get me wrong, the majority of the book is about the GDMBR. It just so happens that the Rocky Mountains served as the back drop to a lot of that internal dialogue regarding my past and my future.

So whether you're here to learn about the route, to research your own tour (you can even see my packing list), or to answer some of your own questions, I think you'll find The Divide helpful. You can pick up it up here.

If you aren't ready to invest the time into this book though, there are a number of excerpts listed below which you can read. They're short and sweet and should give you a glance at the bigger picture. Speaking of pictures, you can see more from the trip here. Enjoy!





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