The Divide


I wasn’t happy when I graduated from college. I mean, I was happy to be done with school, yeah — but I wasn’t a happy person. It had been a rough year, a year that forced me to really re-examine my life and what I was doing (or wasn’t doing) with it. So, after graduation, I took the summer off to let the stress of the last year melt away.

That summer, I rediscovered a passion for writing … well, more like story telling. So I started reading about story structure and writing techniques and all sorts of boring stuff of that nature; I began to foster ambitions of writing a book. But after six months, I had made no progress. And things hadn’t improved much … I was still in a funk.

Then there was that quote: “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” — Ben Franklin

“Hell,” I thought, “May as well do both.”

So I committed to something way beyond my comfort zone, my skill level, and essentially my comprehension in general … and it was the greatest decision.

Me on my bike.

I rode my mountain bike — alone and unsupported — from Banff, Alberta down the Continental Divide until I ran into Mexico (I have the passport stamp to prove it).

So, The Divide … what’s it about? Well, it’s my journey. My physical journey … my spiritual journey … my emotional journey.

I won’t give away any of the details, but it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done … and by far the most rewarding.

Still skeptical? Well, below is a list of excerpts from The Divide. So please, take a look … do some reading. You can also find a collection of pictures from my trip on my Facebook page here … do some browsing!

And if you have any thoughts or questions, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.



The Divide

What the hell am I doing?

Why weather advisories and late employees don’t mix.

Gravity can crush you.

Why you should climb above the pass.

One piece of gear to never wet… don’t lose it either.

The wind will drive you crazy.

Something you should get out of your system.

How to get a dinner invitation … while smelling to high heaven.

Well that’s convenient

The ebook is available on Amazon. If reviewers would like a free copy, please send me an email through the contact page and I’ll see that you get a copy.

14 responses to “The Divide”

  1. randy mccumber says :

    I just finished reading The Divide. A great story and inspiration and a great testimony to the human spirit. thanks so much!


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