“Losing My Religion” 5.7

To say you've lost your religion, well that's like saying you've experienced something so profound, you don't need it anymore. The shortest distance between any two points is a straight line, right? Well imagine your religion is over here and that God is right in front of you. Once you figure out how to draw that straight line, you don't need what's over there.



Who made him, this man claiming to be the architect, the creator of all? This man claiming to be God? No wonder no one ever thought to ask that question. Wasn’t the next logical question if he had his medication on him and if he might have forgotten to take it today?

Imagined Action

Lately, I've been revisiting an idea I wrote about some time ago: that there is only one moment. Visiting this is how I'm overcoming my … writer's block? No—it's not as much writer's block as it is writer's atrophy. I've been very busy these past few months. I left myself very little time for writing, …

Cosmic Beings

It was there for just an instant—a bright speck of light on the horizon. I had been sitting, crossed-leg, my notebook on my knee, pen in hand. I looked up from my page–just for a moment—to take in the view. I was perched atop a great granite outcrop, high on a ridge. My eyes swept …