Nathan Doneen

I used to reject the notion of predestination … the concept was just a bit too religious for me.

But what if we view predestination not from the perspective of God, but from our own perspective?

Really, predestination means to determine your destination in advance. In the sense of an omniscient God, I had interpreted as him deciding for me. But what if it's us? What if it's our decisions that determine where we end up?

That's empowering … but at the same time, frightening. What if we aren't cognizant of these decisions … what if we fail to recognize how they will affect our lives further down the road? Then we fail to see with foresight … we will fail to meet our goals … we will fail to guide our lives in the direction we desire …

But if we are cognizant, we have a great influence over the course of our lives. We realize how every decision may affect our final destination, and can use that foresight to help inform our decisions.

Fate isn't some concept that acts on the scale of infinity. It's something that is formed day to day, month to month, year to year—we write our own fate. So when you think about predestination, remember that it is you who determines your final destination … so predestine wisely.

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