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June 15th, during the final round of the U.S. Open at Pinehurst, Zach Johnson stepped onto the 9th tee box not expecting what was about to happen. The hole was a par 3 with a wicked green that had been throwing tee shots back to the fairway or even into a bunker. But his shot landed far left — not the greatest shot — but rode a ridge, gained the right trajectory and momentum, and rolled some 15 feet into the hole.

A hole in one…

(see the video here) 

Only the 44th in tournament history.

A few days later, I was thinking about that shot and — for the first time — saw the irony of its name. A hole in one? I doubt there has ever been a true "hole in one." When you consider the time Zach Johnson has put into developing his shot, his technique, his game. Consider how many years it took Zach to develop his judgement. And consider how many of his shots had the potential to fall into the cup after being hit from the tee.

My point is that millions of swings and countless hours of practice went into making that shot. So… a hole in one? Really, it was only one stroke on the scorecard.

So keep this in mind when you look at someone else — you are probably only seeing their scorecard. Just because they have achieved something great, or are living their dream, that doesn't mean they got lucky and landed that hole in one. It is much more likely that they had to take millions of swings throughout countless hours to get there.

This is something you must acknowledge and accept if you are ever going to achieve your own dreams. So be prepared to take millions of swings… be prepared for countless hours of hard work.

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