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When it comes to social media, I claim that I'm not a fan. In fact, I talk a lot of crap about social media and its poisoning of young minds. It's true… but I'm a hypocrite.

I've spent countless hours browsing through social media… surfing the web… watching time evaporate into the night, telling myself I'll go to bed after this last page, then this page, then this page…maybe after this next page?… doubtful.

When I get into one of those moods, it's usually because I'm searching for something… an idea. And I have to credit social media for an explosive spread of ideas. But instead of discussing any of those in this post, I thought I would share some of the evidence of my hypocrisy… see, I'm a meme-collector.

For years I've sorted through galleries of memes and somehow developed the habit of keeping the ones that really stirred something in me. So today I just want to share some of my favorites with you… enjoy!


leap of faith





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I do not own rights to any of these. No copyright infringement intended.

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