Quotes — November 6

The question is often asked to me; “Without jobs, what would people do!? There would be a whole generation of lazy good for nothings”. A life, lived free of obligation leads to creation. Stagnation is a perspective that blinds the imagination. Value, should not be measured from the sweat off of our backs or calluses on our keyed fingers. We are no longer the gears of the system. If there were an accurate measurement for the value of a human life, I would weigh the ‘Condensation of Imagination’. Awareness is the ability to have a mental model of the external world. Imagination is the ability to mold that mental model and render it into reality. Technology has paved a way for us to all become artists. What we chose to create will be the new benchmark of value and worth in the digital age. — Kevin Russell (The Rise of Immortal Artists)


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About Nathan Doneen

I'm currently a mid-20s post college grad trying to find my own niche in the world. I studied biology and environmental science when in school and have since started studying philosophy and theory of mind while trying to write in the midst of it all.

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